Sunday, 21 February 2016

Linux Foundation announces The Zephyr Project: Real-time OS for Internet of Things devices

    Zephyr Project - Overview video

Last week Linux Foundation announced a project to build a real-time OS for Internet of Things devices, called the Zephyr Project.

This announcement can actually be the first signs of something huge where a scalable and customizable open source OS, can be used across multiple architectures.

The Zephyr Project could help solve many of the current issues that hindered the IoT (Internet of Things) from becoming extremely mainstream.

The Zephyr Project could mean that our IoT devices, which is so far confined to their own proprietary systems, will at last be able to talk to one another. No more digital borders between your wearable device and your thermostat as they able to communicate using the similar protocols.

Linux has already proven to be excellent at running with constrained resources, while similarly being capable of powering the real-time data acquisition systems of manufacturing plants and other time-sensitive instruments and machines. Zephyr is expected to take the best of these 2 worlds, speed and low-consumption.

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