Sunday, 31 January 2016

Open Source and Hacking Drone Images

GHCQ and NSA intercepted scrambled video feeds from remotely piloted aircraft and tracked the movement of drones of the Israelis, Syrians, and other nations in that region.  They were even sometimes able to intercepted video from Israeli fighter aircraft during combat missions.

In this classified operation codenamed "Anarchist",  NSA and GHCQ didn't use some overblown super computing software from some large corporate entity....they used free and open source software such as Image Magick (an open source image manipulation tool) and open source software to defeat commercial satellite signal encryption (antisky) is the name of one of those tools.

GCHQ would exploit satellite and radio signals in the regions which include Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and much of North Africa. The encrypted signals were then processed with Image Magick and antisky. One image also uncovered appears to show an Israeli Heron drone carrying a weapon. The image is possibly the first direct public evidence that Israel is using armed drones.

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